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Big Sky's 
Breedings page

Updated page 2/24/02

Pups are all sold already from the planned breeding of
Big Sky's own "Applonia" aka "Apple" and "Nichodemus"!!

                   King Melchizadek & Collette Rose                                Jackson's Jack & Jackson's Missy II PH .63-.52
See Apple's Pedigree

                                                     See Nicks Pedigree

10 Awesome pups born on Jan 28, 2002!  Both these dogs are really ripped! And very athletic. Looking for protection, weight pulling?   Here it is.........
More pups coming out of Nichodemus (and Ginger, WOW) see below!!!

 To learn more about our females, Check out
                       our Diva's page

Missy planned breeding week of 
February 14, 2002 with Hoss the Boss ;) oh yea!
See Missy's Pedigree here
Hoss is out of a well sought after Dick the Bruiser line!  He is an extemely athletic and very well proportioned male with an OFA Excellent hip score.
See Hoss @ Tramps American Bulldogs.
Thanks Rob Barry for the opportunity to breed to this spectacular stud!Click Here for Hoss the Boss


     Reba and Jack breeding was week of  Feb. 7
            Large awesome pups expected Mid April!!

Rebekah aka Reba                      Oscar & MGK's Katie Mae
                 (Photo's do not do either of these dogs justice, new photos coming soon- you got to see these dogs in person to experience the profound characteristics and qualities bulldoggers love!)

Montana planned week of February 27, 2002
with Hoss the Boss!!!

Big Buck Boomer X Bubba's Little Babe

Jack will also be bred with Joy in March!

The very last of the Jackson's Buck & Sugar Doll 53!  Pedigree

Jack is Oscar's Son

Breeding Planned with Oscar in 2002!

Ginger (Powell's Collette 2)  Jackson's Nichodemus
Powell's Collette #1 of JDJ & Johnson's Big Buck Boomer      Jackson's Jack & Jackson's Missy II
Pedigree on Ginger
                                                   Nicks Pedigree
Ginger planned breeding occured 2/20/02- with Nichodemus!
This breeding will create
100lbs or better bulldogs that are very athletic and even tempered.  If you are looking for a weight puller dog- here it is-
(If you are looking for a small, scrawny pitbull looking type- don't look here)-
Nichodemus is ripped to the max andhas two world weightpulling titles in his pedigree!  This breeding was genetically designed to create rock solid show material.  These pups will not last!
We've already been flooded with requests!

Planned breeding- Kay & Jack
 occurred week of February 18, 2002

Kay -  Atomic's Apollo & Haley
Penn Hip .56 - .48
See Kay's Pedigree

Her Sire, Apollo, is the first best Johnson Penn Hip scored Male AB!
Large awesome/athletic and tall pups expected!!
 If you are looking for a pup for protection work and high prey drive this breeding is for you! Just check out her pedigree, loaded with champion dogs!
She is truly one of those ole time Johnson dogs!

Its been a rather busy month at Big Sky Kennels, as you can see!

Don't delay, call Today!!
We are currenly accepting deposits on these planned breedings.
If you are interested please call or e-mail us as soon as possible.
(845) 895-2710,
It is a first come first serve basis based on deposits received
from qualified buyers.
We are asking for deposits of $300 minimum to secure your pup. If for any reason a pup is not born out of that planned breeding your deposit will be moved to another planned breeding of your choice.
You may send your postal money order to
                             PO Box 7
                    Wallkill, NY 12589

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