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Jackson's Missy 2"
                          Jackson's Buck & Sugar Doll 53

Click for pedigree

Missy is an extremely athletic ab with a high prey drive.  She sports a medium length muzzle and has a slight undershot.  She has a nice thick rear end and is as strong as any male ab.  Missy also has good confirmation and pigmentation. When bred to Oscar, her pups would be very bully, athletic, and very high spirited!

Thanks Dr. Jackson for an incredible, beautiful dog & mother as well as "Oscar's" best friend!

Planned breeding the week of Feb 14, 2002 with Hoss the Boss!!!!

"Rebekah" aka "Reba"

She is out of OSK's Big Bad John
 She's got the Rebel Rouser Line with greats such as Crimson's Elrod and Dozer Ruby, not to mention Peeler's Cheif and the Machine line!
Reba was just bred to Jackson's Jack!!
Large awesome pups expected Mid April 2002
Special thanks to Sandhills American Bulldogs-  Kenneth Walters
for breeding such loving, yet awesome AB's!


Jackson's Buck & Sugar Doll 53
Click here for Pedigree
This girl is the very last of the Jackson's Buck X Sugar Doll 53!
She is ripped and she surely lets the other dogs know that she is a force to be reconed with.  She does sport a loving disposition also!

OFA good

Johnson's Big Buck Boomer & Bubba's Little Babe
 Montana was the only one in her litter! Hence she got all the attention and still tries to!
Everyone is looking at that Bo-Donald Line and the Dick the Bruiser#2 and #3!
She is a double bred Dozer Ruby on top of that and also has Mullen's Bubba in her linage!  She will be bred to only the absolute finest male!
The selection is still in the works and to be announced!


Elrod Jr. X Georgia Peach...

Ellie is a tall, yet very thick great and finely refined Johnson female!  She has the Crimson Elrod and Dozer Ruby lines.
 She will be bred to one of the finest Johnson males in the Country!  We wish to not reveal the stud at this time!


  "Powell's Collette 2 of JDJ"
            Johnson's Big Buck Boomer & Powell's Collette#1
                                                   OFA Certified

         Special thanks to Johnny Powell for breeding the largest, loving, american bulldog female we have ever encountered!
                She has produced Pickett's Cool Hand Luke and Acer's Machine 007 amongst other great pups!
You may click to see  Acer's Machine
                                    You may see the  the joker
                        The Joker is another one of Gingers pups!

 Ginger's Father, Big Buck Boomer, is a JDJ 1997 & 1998 Fall Classic 2X winner!    He is 28 inches at the withers, 130 pounds, and is Cedar Creeks Top Dog! Other great ancestors in her linage include Crimon's Elrod, JDJ's Mean Machine, Johnson's Rebel Rouser, and Machine Suzie Q!!
        Dixie Luckman @ Cedar Creek is a producer of many astounding
          Johnson dogs!
              Planned breeding of Ginger March 02!


Chief & Holly
She is a Triple Bred Dozer Ruby bitch with a whole lot of other Johnson greats such as Bam Bam and Rip-n-Woody!
If you are looking for protection work, she is your gal, Cheyenne could jump 5 feet in the air and
is very athletic!

and the Last, but not the least,
                    the real "DIVA"
                                                                              Diva is co-owned with Mike Lobdell      Pedigree
      Yes- that's her name

         She redefines the word "Bully". Often people mistake her for a male.  She is very lovable, muscular, athletic and eager to please! She has a very fun spirit about her!!

 His pedigree includes some great Johnson dogs such as "she's a Doozey" and "Dick the Bruiser" as well as "MGK's Bam Bam"(yea, we like that Bam Bam stuff) and of course, her great Grandfather- "Oscar"!!!
Planned breeding in March 2002 with Jackson's Jack!! ;)

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