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Jackson's "Oscar"
  Jackson's Buck X Sugar Doll
140 pounds, Proven Stud, Genetically sound, and Second to None
Click here for Pedigree
see offspring of Oscar - "Jackson's Millie" millie
                                         Jacksons Jack (see below)
Oscar's ability to product true to type bulldogs is unsurpassed!
* Many top breeders in the US have used Oscar as a stud.
Some A.B.s are light in the rear, Oscar has a front and rear end like a Bulldog!
He is extremely athletic and built like a work horse!
Oscars brother (from diff. litter)  has produced the best PennHip score to date in the world!
That dog's  name is "Apollo".

"Oscar" is an incredible American Bulldog.  We are so excited to have him up in Big Sky now that words cannot describe.  We would like to thank
Dr. David Jackson for breeding such an awesome bulldog!
                Both David & "Oscar" are true legends to the a.b. community!

  "King Melchizedak"("Mel")
   Proven stud of two awesome litters! See pups page!

 Weighing in at 125lbs.,he is one solid

  Pooch! Mel came to us out of Jackson's Kennels

  in North Carolina. We waited a long 2 years for

  his bloodline,it was worth the wait....

                                                                    Jackson's Buck X Sugar Doll 53
                                Click here for Pedigree

(this is Mark w/ his loyal companion, Mel!)
( Mark is not available)


Jackson's Jack  for a limited time

Jackson's Oscar  X  MGK Buckeye Katie Mae   Pedigree

He is Oscar's son and Nichodemus' father!  Wow!
Watch for upcoming breedings with Jack on our breedings page! He's the Man....He's all that and a bag of chips!
People just stare when they see him! And say Oh my God!
Is that a Dinosaur or a Mack Truck with feet!


Jackson's Missy II  X  Jackson's Jack
Penn Hip .63/.52
 PROVEN STUD!!(To qualified Bitches only!)
 With nerves of steel, heavy boned, and muscular we see
in the picture Nicko (aka "Wemus") is only  18 months old @ 95 pounds!
He has a heart as big as his massive (& still growing) body.
His daddy weighs in @ 150lb with no sloppiness!!
He has some world record breakers in his pedigree such as a champion world weightpuller!!
Nick is all about performance! He is very athletic and has excellent stamina.  He hangs off his spring pole as big as he is for hours.  He grew up with the children next door and is very smart.

(and resourceful)
Nick was just bred to Big Sky's Apple!!  See Breedings page for details!  WOW!


Introducing to Big Sky Country-

Big Bad John X Johnson's Ellie
Another one of Big Sky's Future Stud-
Top end is OSK's Big Bad John and Bottom end is Elrod Jr. x Georgia Peach!
For those who like that Reber Rouser line- this is the boy!
He has those nice black eye lines, that is preferred.
He is an excellent guardian and family dog!
Very spoiled by previous owner!

"Rocky" King Mel X Collette Rose
Now Available for Stud for those interested in
British Columbia!
Rocky, is very athlethic,(not to mention great looking and lovable) has a high prey drive and loves to ride in the back of his best friends 4x4!
Looking to breed good Johnson dogs in that area! Contact us @ Big Sky

Blaze aka "Chesty" also available for Stud

Blackwell's Pied Piper X Ognibene's Fancy Pants
click here for Pedigree
Chesty was used on our very last breeding where we had 10 awesome pups!
See puppy page to see what he produces!!
Chesty is with his Master, Jim, in Yonkers, NY.
Give us a call or email if you are interested in this Hot, Red Machine male who is in his prime!!

introducing- "Zechariah" aka "Zech"
Hoss the Boss (OFA Excellent!) & DoT (ph'd in top 80%of breed)
 Thanks Paul C.!

Only 4 months old here!!! He's gonna be "Hot" Just like the stock he came from!
Get those "Hot Momma's ready I can't wait"

If you are interested in using one of these spectacular studs to your approved bitch, please call or write.
We may be interested in bartering or obtaining a pup from the litter.

We are now offering semen collection and shipping from either stud to an approved breeder at your cost.

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